A Seedling for Schiedam

April 2011: The CDA Alderman of Schiedam Ad Hekman, beaming, came to the Support Anne Frank Tree Foundation. He came to Amsterdam to pick up one of the famous chestnut seedlings personally which was handed over to him by Helga Fassbinder, chairperson of the Foundation. In an area of  the plantation in his community, the seedling will grow into a mature tree. The seedling has a certificate guaranteeing the authenticity of the seedling from the Support Anne Frank Tree Foundation. There is much interest in the grafts of the chestnut tree that have been propagated. "Very beautiful," the alderman said, "that such a legendary tree can transmit a part of history to the next generation.


Photo: Hans van den Bogaard



A seedling for Corsica

Meanwhile seedlings of the Anne Frank tree have been planted all over the world, in the United States, in Israel, in France, and of course in The Netherlands. Seedlings are going to be planted also in Germany and on Corsica in the autumn.

Planting a seedling on Corsica has a special and meaningful background. During the German occupation none of the Jewish people were betrayed. All of them were hidden safely due to the old tradition of the holy status of a guest.  As a reminder of this act of resistance the singer and poet Jean François Bernardini will plant a seedling during a ceremony to be held in Pianellu. This place, in the middle of the mountains of Corsica, was not chosen by chance. Here you will find a forest of 500-600 year old chestnut trees. Jean François Bernardini established a foundation to protect and maintain these trees. The Dutch fan club of IMuvrini, the band of Jean François Bernardini and his brother Alain, gave a seedling to him after a concert of IMuvrini in Amsterdam. 

From left to right, J.F.Bernardini, Renée Blom, Nino de Sonneville. Photo: Helga Fassbinder