The Support Anne Frank Tree Foundation aimed:

  • to prevent the tree from being prematurely and needlessly cut;
  • to guarantee proper care for the preserved tree until his natural death.
In November 2006 the Borough Amsterdam Center announced the Anne Frank tree would be cut. A group of local residents, experts and the national Dutch Tree Foundation formed an alliance and fought for the preservation of the tree.
The Support Anne Frank Tree Foundation was founded in Dec. 2007 to continue the struggle, so the tree could be saved and cared for efficiently in years to come. In April 2008 the foundation built a construction to ensure the safety of the tree and its surroundings. Since this time the Foundation looks after the tree. These were the most important demands of the Borough of Amsterdam Center, the Anne Frank Foundation and the owner of the tree, in order to agree upon preservation of the tree. And therefore the tree was saved from being prematurely and needlessly cut. The building contractors and tree specialists sponsored the major parts of the construction & preservation costs. We are very grateful for their contribution.
Since March 2008 a team of tree Dutch experts is engaged in the maintenance of the tree and periodically keeps an eye on it.  Twice a year another group of internationally renowned tree experts from England, Germany and France come together with their Dutch colleagues for an inspection of the condition of the tree.

The board of the Foundation Support Anne Frank Tree:

Meanwhile the Foundation Support Anne Frank Tree has been disolved. Her task has been taken over by the Foundation World Tree , supported by the Foundation BIOTOPE CITY